Mexico is one of the main exporters of pecan nut internationally, the largest amount of nut is obtained from the northern state of the country, Durango is the 4th state with the largest area planted with pecan walnut.

After years of work, research on the nut our product is in the highest quality symptoms, the above supported by the processes that are used for the use of nuts.

We take care of all aspects of production, from the care of our trees to the shelling of our nuts, the above guarantees that we have on your table a product that meets high approval rates in the world market.

Our commitment is to share with you all the benefits of the nut: source of lipids, natural source of minerals, vitamins, source of proteins and amino acids, basic in human food.

Nut with shell

We offer this product at the best market price and with the best quality, we have influence in all the production areas of Mexico directly with the producers. It is important to mention that Mexico is the first nut producer in the world.

Shelled nut

We have the best quality and the best price on the market for access and knowledge of the production market of Mexico and USA, with direct relationship with suppliers Mat.

Types of nut